Sunday, 12 January 2014


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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Competition time!

So, it's getting near Christmas and I thought I would do something kind for you guys!

Go here to my facebook page to find out how to enter and win one of these beautiful sets of jewellery, perfect as a Christmas gift!

I will post all over the world for free!

Good luck everyone!

Friday, 18 October 2013

Kindness acts number 4 (and surprising kindness returned!)

My mum has taken both of my daughters to her caravan for the weekend and so naturally I have spent quite a lot of today asleep! 
I woke up and David asked me to go get some money out so that we could have a takeaway. I decided that I would go to Tesco and buy something for us to have for dinner.

On the way there, I saw a child around the same age as my eldest son, almost run into the road after his football. I proceeded to stop my car in the middle of the road so that no car could pass behind or in front of me so that the boy could get his ball and safely cross the road home again. 
He smiled a big smile as he knew I was protecting him with my car. And he said 'thank you!'
The other car drivers didn't seem too happy about it though but I flashed my headlights to warn them. I graciously thanked them as I drove on and carried on to my destination.

When my son and I arrived, I asked him to go and get a small trolley and I waited in the doorway. I like to ask him to do little things like this because it makes him feel grown up :)
Unfortunately he couldn't get the trolley out from the stack but a very kind lady asked him if he would like her trolley instead which he said yes and thanked her, as did I. This was a random kindness act on my son from a stranger!
Then as we did our shopping, I was trying to be kind to everyone and I let someone go ahead of me in a queue, for him to say no and went to a different till!
Then I was very happy because I got a nice voucher for 'my next visit' worth £4.43. (This will come in handy for my next random act of kindness :))
Then as we approached my car with the trolley full of shopping, I was approached by the man who was collecting trollies from the car park trolley parks and he waited for me to unload my last bag into the car and took my trolley with him! I was really thrown by his act of kindness because I wasn't expecting it at all!
I thanked him and I got in my car and drove me and my son home. 
Today's outing, even though brief showed me something.....
I possibly saved a child from being run over by myself or someone else and then I received amazing kindness from other strangers straight after, which made me realise that I had most definitely saved that boy from a collision with a car.
I rarely have people be kind to me, although it tends to happen more when I have one or more of my children with me, but for it to happen not twice, but three times (and four if you count the young man who wouldn't cut in line) is just an amazing thing to happen to me. It just shows that my random act of kindness for the day really meant something.

What do you think?
Am I reading too much into it?
Email me or comment with your thoughts

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

30 acts of kindness number 2 and 3!

Today, David and I had to go to a hospital appointment for him. (Makes a change its not me!) I couldn't park up for ages so I told David to just go in and I would meet him in there. Just as I got parked, David came out so I have my ticket and parking space to a couple who had been waiting for a while.
Then on the way home, I paid for the bridge toll for an elderly woman in the car behind me! Two in one day!

Monday, 16 September 2013

Paying It Forward, The Mother Duck's Way

On Saturday night I went to Leeds with my mum and met up with some friends and my sister, for my sister's hen night. We had a wonderful time although I did hurt myself walking :(.
We went to a bar/restaurant called The Alchemist in Leeds, where we had a few cocktails and shots before walking (I got a taxi with my mum) three big streets away to a Thai restaurant called Sukhothai.
I must say that the service in the Alchemist and in Sukhothai was brilliant even though it was extremely busy in both places.
We had an especially great time because after my mum had walked my brother's pregnant wife to a taxi, down two escalators, she came back with something extremely funny....

I waited for my mum at the door because there were people queuing outside and I was afraid that the door bouncers wouldn't let her back in. As she approached I noticed her, arm in arm, with two unfamiliar faces. 
As they came closer I nodded to the bouncer to let him know she was back and he let my mum and the two strangers in, before the boy, who I soon found out was called Ben came and gave me a big hug! He was about 18 years old, very very camp and extremely funny! He had complimented my mum on the escalator because she was wearing an incredibly gorgeous dress that looked like fireworks and he said he adored it. He asked where she was headed and when he said The Alchemist he said "Oh that's where we are going, come on, link me and I'll walk you there!" 
The girl that was with him wasn't his girlfriend (obviously) and her name was Georgia. Ben was actually wearing trainers and even though there is a strict dress code at the bar, my mum got him and Georgia in!
They were very grateful and offered to buy my mum a drink but she said no. My mum is always doing good deeds and paying it forward. Even though she will likely shout at me for airing what she did on Saturday, she deserves recognition!

When my mum worked at the DWP (Department for Work and Pensions,) she decided to set up a yearly donation program. She took her time and chose a very worthy cause; The Young Carers Service. 
Every year at Christmas, her and all of her colleagues, (around 30+ and more joining in each year,) she would get large shoe boxes and fill them with gifts for young carers. Some of these children are as young as 7 years old and they care for their mother, father, brother or sister and even grandparents. Why? You may ask, because there is no one else who will care for these people, so these poor children have to do it. 
Now as a disabled person, I would hate the thought of my children having to look after me at their age. These children clean, cook, help dress, help bathe and help their family go to the toilet. 
These children often then have got to walk themselves to school because there is no one to take them.

So now that my mother has retired, the scheme happens still, every year at Christmas. These children sometime receive upto £50 in presents each. All we get is a name, whether it's a boy or girl, and their age. 
Most of these children would go without any Christmas presents usually, and that is just so wrong!

My mum started a way to pay it forward, and to this day there are around 1000 children who have benefitted from the scheme that my mother created.

Even the Queen herself has praised my mum for her charity work, and was invited to the Queen's garden party in 2009. She has an amazingly generous soul.

And that, mum, you deserve credit for. That and so many other things that both you and I know, but is too personal to write on here.

I love you mum. You are my rock and my  Guardian angel. (And yes daddy I love you too :))

This isn't part of my 30 Random acts of Kindness, this is just my mum, generous as always, doing a wonderful deed.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

30 random acts of kindness number 1

This morning, I was in our local shop buying something for breakfast for my kiddos, and this young man came in, with his last £1 and bought a scratch card. 
When he didn't win anything, he looked so disappointed because he is at college studying and doesn't have much money. He was 16 years old. He had the cutest little moustache that young boys sometimes grow to look more grown up, when in actual fact, you can tell their age more because they're moustaches are so fluffy! 

I don't know why I did it, but I said to the young man, "Here, try again," and I gave him a £1 coin. He asked me which one I thought he should buy, and he gave me a choice of two. He had already had one, so I suggested he bought the different one, so he did. 

As he stood there, scratching off the silver panels, his eyes lit up. He was so happy because he had the chance to win on another one.
As the panels showed these different amounts of money, he counted them and said, "Oh wow! I have won!!"
I asked him how much and he said £10!
He offered to give me half if it but I refused. I just told him to use it wisely, and to pay it forward. To do something nice today for someone else. He just smiled and said, "don't worry, I will." :)

That totally made my day.....

Friday, 30 August 2013

'What a wedding!' Dress

So a few weeks ago I went to our local Red Cross Charity Shop. This is where I find most of my refashions. And I found this gorgeous number, but it was a size 10 (uk) so I have decided that this will be refashioned for my beautiful daughter Willow.
It's absolutely huge on her!
She has such a tiny frame but I could see an amazing potential there, and I knew its just perfect for my sister Karmel's wedding in two-and-a-half weeks! (Omg less than three weeks?? I had to get my bum in gear!!)

Anyway, back to this gorgeous dress, I decided the best course of action would be to take in the sides rather than the back because of the zip. I needed to cut off those halter straps and make new ones her size, although I think it looks really cute strapless, but I don't think it would hold up unless I fitted elastic. I don't want her to be having wardrobe malfunctions on the day!
The first thing I did was pin the sides so that they were about half an inch too big at each side. ( you can make things smaller but it's difficult to make them bigger again so it's best to be safe than sorry! I can always take it in more if needed)
So we turned it inside out and pinned.
So I pinned it and made a mark with a pencil and removed the pins. Next I realised that I HAD to take off the lining/underskirt for the simple reason, it would bunch up and look stupid if I took it in without taking in the lining also.
So I noticed that there was a heavy seam around the zip where the lining and the zip had been sewed on TOGETHER. 

*Shakes head in disapproval*

Anyway I thought I had better not even touch that bit. ( I cannot stand sewing zips at the best of times but this dress will be worn for a WEDDING so I definitely couldn't touch the zip, because I knew I would ruin it!
So then I was left with this....
Oh and during seam ripping of the lining, this happened.....
Oops the ribbon that you use to make a bow or tie around the waist was unpicked! Oh well, I would probably be moving it anyway.
Next I decided that some of the length needed to come off because, lets face it, it's meant to be a short(ish) dress and it went al the way down to willows toes. Plus then I could use the extra that I cut off to make her top look more even and less halter-top-for-big-boobies :)
So I decided that 5 inches was perfect. That would make the dress come down to just below her knees.

Next I used the piece I had cut off and fashioned the top so that it didn't look like it was even made for a grown up, it was a child's dress. Oh and I cut out the tag also, because let's face it, they haven't made it, I have! Afterwards I will add my tag instead.
Sorry! Blurrrrr

I sewed the top piece in place and trimmed the edges, but it was about three inches too long, so I folded the top inwards so it was thicker and made a pleat in it to tuck the new straps into and pinned across the fold.

Then I sewed everything in place making sure the sewing was straight as I know it would be seen!
Then, I sewed darts into the back of the dress because after much thought I realised I didn't want to lose any more of the fabric!

Then I sewed the unfinished hem adding lace as I went :)

And it was all done!
I had to wait for my sister's wedding to take an after shot because Willow was all done up an. Looked absolutely stunning!



Just to let you all know, I am changing some things on my website. I have tried to change it already but I have been doing this on my iPhone and its not as easy as on a computer. I am waiting for a new laptop charger to come in the post so things may look a little weird here for a few days, but don't worry! Things will be back to normal soon!
I have finally got myself a logo and I need to get on my laptop and make the logo useable in various scapes, so please bare with me!

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Coming 30th birthday challenge

Well it'll soon be my 30th birthday and I have decided to do a pay it forward challenge.
Keep your eyes open as I will be posting all about it later today :)

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Woweeee my kids can finally ride their bikes!!

So yesterday I told you that Willow and Koda were learning to ride their new bikes. (Koda has always been too scared and Willow has a spinal problem)
Well now, they are BOTH able to ride bikes ON THEIR OWN!!!
Here are some pictures that my parents took.
Ready Steady GO!!!

Willow and Koda circling the tennis court at my parents caravan site!

Yes yes IT IS MY OLD BIKE!! 

Oh my gosh this bike is like 25 years old or more! It was a hand-me-down when I got it! I learned to ride on this bike, and now my daughter Willow has learned to ride it 25 years later! 
How AMAZING is that?!

I am sooooo proud of them both! And I also would like to say how proud I am of my dad for braving the extreme heat and teaching them how to ride. Thank you daddy :) my dad taught me and now he is teaching his grandchildren!

Tomorrow they are going to learn how to ride on the road and on Thursday I will be visiting them to see how they are getting along. I just wish my pain would bugger off so that I could ride with them!!


Saturday, 3 August 2013

Buttons, buttons everywhere!!

Look at what I am so so lucky enough to have inherited from my mum!!
Aren't they just AMAZING?!

After I gave my mum the bracelet and necklace I made for her, she said that she loved them so much that she wanted me to make some more and sell them! She said she also wants to learn how to make them too so that we can make them as gifts and things or if they become popular, sell them.

What do you think?
Do you think I could sell them? Would you buy one?

Well I am going to make a few sets in different colours. Each one will be unique as I don't have two of the same button (well maybe two) but I have so so many new buttons I have decided to make some things with them and paracord.

•Jewellery (necklaces, bracelets and earrings) for men, women and children
•Picture frames (in various sizes)
(Like this)
•T-shirts and dresses
•Head bands and hair pins
•Button pictures on canvas
•Button jute bags (shopping bags)

So watch out over next week for each subject and how to buy them! 
There will be a limited amount of each item and each one will be unique and featured on eBay also.

If you have any more ideas for what I could do with these buttons, please feel free to add a comment below!

Wish me luck!!

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Bad bad bugly wugly :(

On returning from our holiday, my body was that exhausted and run down that I have has a horrible bug :(
I'm feeling loads better now though but I thought I had better explain to my lovely followers why I have been absent for over a week!
I have been sewing today and also working on something else. (My sisters wedding present.)
I am really looking forward to the wedding and I hope that she has a wonderful day :)
I received the wedding invitation the other day, it's not long now!

Yesterday would have been my grandma Lily's 97th birthday. It's her first birthday since she passed away last October. 

I made a present for her. Well I know I can't give her anything anymore, so I made something for my dad. My dad still misses her a lot, so I made this photo frame that he can put a picture of her and him together in.

What do you think?

My dad absolurely loved it and he can put his favourite picture of him together with his mum in there.

My dad came to pick up the eldest two to take them to stay over for a few days with my parents. They were very excited.

They are going to be having swimming lessons and both of them are finally going to be able to learn to ride a bike!
(Willow has never learned due to her spine. Her legs aren't as strong as other girls her age, and koda refused after he fell off once.)
My parents have managed to find two great bikes in fab condition to reach them. I will be trying to help teach them too from Friday as I am going to stay for the weekend.
When I saw the bike that my dad had been given for Willow I was gobsmacked. It looked just like my old bike! 
When I was 12 I gave my bike to my dad's best friend's daughter because I had outgrown it and never used it. I had had many accidents with bikes and I now have a permanent scar next to my eye as a result of one of those accidents.
When my parents sold their house in Leeds, they were given the bike by the same friend. He said he couldn't remember where it had come from and that it had been in the cellar for quite a few years. It wasn't rusty and was well kept. And yes you are right in thinking that IT IS MY OLD BIKE!!
My baby girl (not so much a baby any more!) is going to be learning how to ride the very same bike I learned to ride!! How amazing is that?! I will be taking plenty of photos so I will show you my old bike/Willows 'new' bike!

Talk about refashioning! My dad also found another bike that was a very girly colour, so he has spray painted it black so that Koda can use it. I wish I could ride a bike again. Maybe I will one day!

Sunday, 21 July 2013

To Sell or Not To Sell?

So the reason why I craft is to take my mind off the pain I suffer and I was thinking of selling something's to raise money to start a group in my local area (and eventually more widespread) and to start, I'm thinking of maybe making some more of these bags,

And selling them. What do you think?

I could customise them and personalise them but it would be without background unless specifically asked for it.

Do you think people would buy them? Personally I think they would make great gifts for teens and adults alike and even men!

Like a caricature on a bag...

I think I might just make some and then see what people think.

If you would want one of these bags they wouldn't be a bag from Tesco, they would be a plain bag painted and personalised just for you. I would need a name, hair colour, eye colour, approx. age, favourite animal and breed if its a cat or dog (colour would be helpful) hobbies etc

For example, Willow has brown eyes and hair, she is 10, her fave thing to do is read books, like The Hunger Games Trilogy, and she loves to be in the park. Or the field at the back of my mums with my mum's cat!

There are also a range of sizes too, small (lunch bag size) medium (a bit bigger than A4) and large (a shopping bag around A3 size)

Let me know what you think!

If you would like to order one of these bags email me

the profit will be used to make more bags and then eventually to create a group for fibro sufferers and their carers and people with invisible diseases and their carers. To raise awareness and make sure no one is alone

Please find me on Facebook by clicking on the top tab or email me with your order.

Prices start from just 12.99 plus postage,  but there will be offers, giveaways and competitions coming up so keep a look out and like and share my Facebook page!!

Thank you dear friends!

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Willow's birthday :), day 7 & 8 of our holiday :(

Willow woke up super early yesterday to open her presents, which I missed seeing because I had been up most of the night :(
The good thing was that I hadn't quite finished her bag until I got up so I got to see her face when I have it to her and she loves it!!
She said, "All my friends are going to be asking for one of these you know mummy."
So I said, "Tell them they can have one made if they want one :)"
I ended up using almost all of the acrylic paint that I bought :o on just one bag! I need to find something to stop the hessian from soaking it all up, like mod podge or something.
Does any one have any ideas?
I do have an acrylic spray that's clear that I am going to use to cover it when it's completely finished so that it won't run in the rain, but when I used a sharpie pen on the bare hessian, it ran!
The hessian is really really absorbent!

I'm going to make a few more for Willows friends and see what they think of them. 
Willow is having a sleep over on Wednesday night so I might make one for each of her friends to take home after.

Do you think they would sell? I might sell them too.

So yesterday (day 7) my parents and David took all the kids to the beach hut and stayed for a few hours while I got some rest. I also did a little cleaning, packing and I made this for Willow to come back to :)

I just wanted to do something nice for her :) she brought it home too :)

After they got back we all got ready and as I had already showered I was ready first. 
We went out to a pub for a meal but it was really really expensive. It was £3 just for a pint of diet coke! Fruit shoots were £1.50 for a SMALL one!
A pint of Guinness was £3.50! Ridiculous!! The food bill came to £85 for 4 adult meals and 4 kids meals plus £20 for drinks for us all. 2 pints of diet coke, half a lager, 3 small diet cokes, 1 orange juice and a pint of Guinness. Oh and two small tubs of Pringles came to £19.87!!
The food was okay but David only had a burger and chips!
I had a gammon steak with egg and the egg was runny but so was the white and it made me feel sick. I don't mind runny yolks but runny whites are like snot!! Eugh!!

Anyway my parents stayed with the kids to play in the play area and me and David took Kaia back to the cottage to get her bathed and put to bed.

Willow said she had a great day and was very happy with her presents :)

My parents bought her digital camera for her birthday. My brother bought her an umbrella that you can design yourself and then she has gotten £55 in amazon vouchers. (She had some money but I've given her the money in vouchers to spend on her kindle and on why ever she wants :) )
Her dad gave her a voucher and so did my sister. The cash was from David's grandma and my other brother.
I think ill let her have £30 worth of books and music and then the rest he can have something material. (Not digital)

So all in all she had a great day that's the main thing!

I on the other hand had an awful day yesterday. I was in sooooo much pain and David was ratty with me. I would have needed my wheelchair to go out and he moaned so I said I would just stay  behind. I didn't get much sleep though.

Last night I slept rubbish until about 3.30am when I finally fell asleep and I was that shattered, I was apparently snoring!
I must have been exhausted because that's the only time I snore.

We woke up really early to pack as we were supposed to be out by 10am but Helen the owner have us an extra hour so that I could get some sleep.

I woke up before that in absolute agony. My whole body was screaming in pain and so was my mouth! It hurt so much I couldn't help myself!

David did most of our packing and my mum did the older kids and theirs.
I went back to bed for an hour and a half while they got everything into the cars.

We set off to Mablethorpe to collect our prizes from all the tickets we had collected while in the arcade and I got my mum a present to say thank you for taking us on holiday. :) 

It says I love you mum on the box :) I thought it was perfect.

She also loves her new necklace and bracelet that I made for her :)

It's made from purple paracord :)

Also she loves the dress I refashioned for her!
It was a size uk22 and now is a size 12 and it had lining in it too!!

So that's all folks! We all for home safely and we are all super tired so we've gone to bed early!!

Hope you all enjoy the sunshine while it lasts and remember, if you see a dog in a car in the heat, break the window and all the police because even 10 minutes will kill that poor thing. If the windows are open it's better but still not okay. Heat kills so get breaking those car windows!!
(And not just for dogs but any animal or child!)

Ciao :)

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Holiday days 5 and 6 boooo nearly over!!

Okay I know some of you will be frustrated with me that I haven't posted yesterday!! I'm sorry I had a really busy day!
David had a bad chemical reaction with some creams he used to treat his sun burn and spent most of the day in bed :(
Thankfully he has been much better today so all is good!
So tomorrow is willows 10th birthday and I have been making something extra special for her. I can now tell you what I bought for her birthday as by the time he gets chance to read this she will have all her presents anyway.
•A new school bag
•A 'One Direction' large tote bag (she love 1D!
•The key chains (A fox, a 'Hello Kitty' and a big W)
•A bracelet with her name on it in silver charms
•A book set of Shakespeare stories for kids (modified into proper English)
•A seahorse that she can paint
•Two posters of dogs in 3D
And I think that's it.
I have also made her something extra special too.

This is what I made

What do you think? It's a TOWIE style jute bag with a caricature of willow on it!
I actually REFASHIONED it from a Tesco bag for life!! What do you think?!
I am even going to embellish it with glitter and of course I will have to put my own stamp on it too :)

So anyway I better tell you about the last two days, if I can remember (bloody brain fog!)

So yesterday we got up and all was good until David put some cream on his burns on his back and started screaming and was almost in tears. He ran and got I to the shower which made it worse so I raced off to the chemist to get a burns kit, only they didn't have one! 
I had to buy an expensive travel first aid lot and luck would have it the only thing it didn't have was a burns kit! I didn't notice until I got in the car!
So I went to a different chemist, (luckily there was one just down the road from the other,) and bought a larger travel first aid lot which had a burns kit in it.
When I got back, David was in a lot of pain so I have him one of my strong painkillers and he went to bed after I had sorted out the burns.
Later on, we was supposed to be going to the beach and the arcades but David wasnt feeling well and I was in pain so he wouldn't have been able to push me in my 'batmobile' so we decided not to go out anywhere.
My parents went to the beach and took some great photos
Sethy doodle on the beach

My gorgeous princess willow
My handsome Koda with sand in his shoes!

Kaia stayed with us all day.
We had an early night and watched an episode of the new season of Dexter online, in bed!

Soooooo sexy!!

So then today, I woke up in massive amounts of pain and really didn't want to go anywhere but I made myself get up and ready and we went into Mablethorpe to look for acrylic paint.
The craft shop I had spotted yesterday turned out to sell just paper and card and water colour paints but not acrylic :( boooo.
So I went onto Argos website to find the nearest one which was in Skegness and managed to get a starters art set with acrylic paints, watercolours, and loads of other stuff for just £18!!! It should have been £25 but it was in sale!! What a bargain!! Shame I've used almost all of it! Whoops!
So after we came back from mable Thorpe, willow was having a craft party on the farm making pictures from shells she had collected on the beach. The party was supposed to be tomorrow but the owner, Helen, is at her daughters graduation in my parents hometown of all places!! (Salford)

So after Kaia had woken up from her nap, me, David and Kaia went into Skegness which is about £15 miles away from here.
We did a little shopping and collected the paint set and then we took Kaia to McDonalds for her dinner because lately, the only finger food she will eat is McDonalds fish fingers!! (In England they are a lot healthier than America, made from cos flakey fillet and the batter has no salt in that I'm aware of.)
She doesn't have the chips though because they have salt on them. She even won't eat Bird'seye fish fingers because they're not as nice!

When we got back I asked David and my dad to take they older kids out somewhere so that I could get willow's bag done. Unfortunately willow decided she didn't want to go out and wanted to watch The Simpsons on my day's laptop! Typical! Thankfully she stayed in my parents bedroom whilst I painted it and still hasn't seen it yet.
Kaia went to sleep really well to tonight and watched Lady and the Tramp before bed :)
She loves her Disney films! (Just like her big sister and her mummy :) )

Anyway that's pretty much it folks. It's not been a grand two days really but tomorrow we are headed to the beach for our last full day here.
We are planning to go for a pub meal at dinner time and having a tea party lunch for willows birthday lunch.
I really hope she likes her presents! 
Do you think she will like the bag I made?

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Holiday day 4

Last night I was up quite a bit uploading photos onto my dad's computer from my digital camera. Oh dear, I had such a laugh trying to figure out how to navigate windows 8!! I have never used it before and it was very annoying!
I also tried to add the blogger app onto David's phone but it wouldn't let me log into my account.
So after being up until 3.30am and waking up most of the house asking for my dad's password to the the laptop I finally uploaded every one of them to Facebook. (Even the ones I didn't want anyone to see!)and then saved them on my broken iPhone. (And then I deleted the pics I didn't want to share on Facebook!)
I can still use the phone it's just got about 20 tree like cracks on the screen but it works okay.
I am getting a replacement screen as soon as we get home.

Anyway today we got up at about 10.30am and got ready to go out. David, Kaia, Seth and I went into a little seaside town called Mablethorpe and looked around te shops for birthday presents for Willow. Unfortunately for you, Willow reads my blog so I can't post pictures of what I bought, nor tell you what they are until Friday! Awwwww never mind!!

Whilst we were there, we went into a little cafe to have lunch. David and I had cheeseburgers and chips, while Seth and Kaia had kid's meals. Sausage and chips for Seth and fish fingers and chips for Kaia. Then we had some gorgeous cake and cream for desert!
Just as we were finishing up, David spotted my parents and the older children across the road!! We hadn't even said that we was going into Mablethorpe nor even decided where we were going until we started driving!
So Seth ended up staying with my parents and going to play in arcades and a play gym :) they had a great time but Willow and Koda both won prizes, and try as they might, my parents couldn't 'win' anything for Seth!
Luckily it was David and my turn to go our tonight alone while my parents looked after the kids :)
So we went into a massive arcade and won four things, nothing much but something so that Seth wasnt left out. Two little Mickey Mouse teddies thy you can use as key rings, and two bouncy balls with buzz light year and woody in them. So the kids shared them between them.

We decided after an hour of playing in the arcade to go find somewhere to sit down and eat. (By this point it had started to get quite cold and neither of us had coats on and both were wearing flip flops!) So we drove back into the village where we are staying and went back to the same fishery we went to yesterday, (because it was totally amazing!)
We ate our fish and chips in the car and had a chat about how much we miss the kids when we are not with them, and then we both decided to go back to the cottage to go watch a movie or something in bed.
My mum had bathed the kids and Kaia was asleep when we got back.
Unfortunately my Kindle Fire HD was being used by Seth because the other two were playing on theirs and it was running out of charge, so the movie hasn't happened :(.
The kiddos playing on their Kindle Fires :)
Kaia looking very grown up!

I decided to go for a lay down for awhile.

Just before we went out alone earlier, I checked my Facebook newsfeed to find out that a little girl (called Talia Joy aged 13) I had been following who had Neuroblastoma had passed away today. I burst into tears because I was upset. Not because she had died, because we all knew it was coming, but because of her young age I felt awful for my own children, especially Willow. Willow had been looking at her youtube videos for a while now and found her inspiring and when I told her that Talia had died she got upset too. I had to leave the room though so she didn't see me cry.
Poor Talia had been fighting the disease for over 6 years and we had been told she was in transition. She was in a lot of pain and finally she passed away to be an angel and pain free. I'm actually glad that she has passed because she isn't in pain anymore, but I feel bad because she should have never had to cope with that bastard illness in the first place. No child should have to endure such a thing! I hope none of my children have I go through anything like that nor watch me or anyone in my family go through it either.
I know she is at peace now, and I am happy for her.

Tomorrow we are going out shopping, not for presents for Willow (because we already have plenty of those!) but for souvenirs for people. Friends of the kids and David's family. 
It won't be anything major, just probably a candy willy for his big sister and his mum!! Haha :)

I have this thing every time we go to the seaside (when it's been without my mum) we have brought her back a candy Willy!! Haha she always says she won't give me the satisfaction of eating it in a rude way, so she eats them from the bottom up!!
She's hilarious my mum :) 
I love her so much and I am so grateful that she brought us on this holiday. 
Hopefully we will do another family holiday next year, so I'm going to start saving!
David and I are going to get married soon, not sure when, but soon and when we do, I think we will elope. I don't want a big wedding. I don't see the point in paying loads of money out for very one else to have a good time!
So I'm thinking of taking my family and David's family away abroad or something for our wedding.
I won't be paying for everyone though! I can't afford to do that!
If people don't want to fork out to join us then we will have a party when the rest of us get back.

Anyway I'm tired and I've been sewing so my fingers hurt. I haven't had time to upload my photos again to the computer so the refashion I did, so it will have to wait until I get chance to get on it when my dad isn't!
Night night!

Holiday day 3!!!

We got up at 9am this morning and the first thing I did was dye my hair roots. I have been dying my hair for many many years and this has never happened before. It burned! It's exactly the same as what I've always used! I ended up having to wash it off before I should have done so my roots didn't fully take. Thankfully I was putting a colourant on top which had a little lightening effect.
And here is a picture. What do you think?

Anyway after dying my hair I had a shower and so did everyone else and then we went down to the beach for a picnic. 

I sunbathed for the first time in 10 years!
The warm sunshine felt good on my skin (I blathered suncream on but only factor 6 because that was the only one I had that wasn't factor 50!)
Poor David though stupidly took off his shirt and forgot suncream on his back, he had it on his head and face, neck an arms but forgot his back. I think he blamed me for him burning because he said he asked my to put some on his back but said I ignored him. Obviously I wouldn't have done that, I just didn't hear him. It turned out he never even asked!
So now he looks like a lobster and I'm perfectly fine!
I went up to the beach hut in my wheelchair again because its a fairly long walk from where we can park the car, but I obviously couldn't take it onto the beach as I would have gotten stuck! 
David took Willow, Koda and Kaia down to the waves and David thought Kaia would not like it, boy, was he wrong!! She absolutely LOVED it!!
Koda was jumping over the waves and Willow was just paddling. I stayed with Seth near the wall, across from the beach hut.
Sethy playing in the sand :)
Kaia loving the beach! :)
Koda collecting water :)

I want to talk about that wall because I don't like it! I had to have both David and my dad help me climb over the bloody thing because it's slanted and not like a normal wall. It's made out of stones and concrete and I scraped my knees trying to get over the bloody thing!
I think tomorrow I will walk around even though it's quite a walk. I really don't want to injure myself again!
When I got into the beach I played with Seth and Kaia while David played with Willow and Koda. 
David had fetched some sea water back and Kaia was playing with it in a bucket, but she kept using the spade to drink a little of it, so David went to the tap and got some fresh clean water for her to play with.
After a while I took them all down to the sea and had a paddle with Kaia. She was so happy! Then we had a paddle in the rock pool which was much warmer. 
It was quite a long walk though and there was four types of sand on the ground. It started really soft and warm, then it started getting more gravelly from shells and rocks, then it was nothing but shells (all broken and hurting my feet!) and then it was back to normal sand just wetter.
I really wished I had put my flip flops on to walk down because the pain in my feet was excruciating!
Willow said it was fine and didn't hurt her feet and so did David because there was nothing sharp and even Kaia walked over it a little bit. (Until she started wobbling so I carried her.)
I have had quite sore feet for a while now so I massage them and moisturise them regularly.
When I got back to the wall I started sunbathing again and then I started to feel quite a bit of pain in my hips and back and my thighs were really hurting too. David and I decided it would be best to go back to the cottage with Seth (because he is VERY fair skinned and burns easily) and Kaia, leaving my parents and the older two at the beach. I really needed to go take some painkillers and lay down.
When we got back I laid down for half an hour, or so I thought and when I woke up, my parents were home! I had slept for almost three hours!
We were supposed to be going out for fish and chips and then letting the kids splash in the public fountain and paddling pool which has fresh clean water in. 
In the end we decided that none of us wanted to go back out again as it was 6pm and we had been out since 11am, so David and I took Kaia to get fish and chips from the fishery. Kaia slept on the way back from the town centre, and she was still asleep in my arms when we were eating, so David took a picture of us.

Isn't she just the sweetest thing?!

Omg!! It was the BEST fish AND chips I have ever had from a fishery!!
(We have four fisheries in our little town at home, and even though we live near docks, and they're all fish boats that bring local fish to be eaten, they don't compare to what we had today!)
It didn't look great but it tastes amazing!

After we had eaten, David and I bathed Kaia, because the sand had gotten into all of her creasy bits.
Then i tried to get her to sleep but she was wide awake so David took her into the living room for awhile while I went back to sleep.
Eventually, after leaving her in her travel cot (with my arm in it so she could see I was still there) she fell asleep and started snoring!! Haha bless her cotton socks :)

I also managed to do a no sew refashion today too :)
I will post it separately though :)
So day three, burned David but me and the kids are fine, we've all had a great day despite the burns :)
Don't forget to come back tomorrow night (I post my blogs around midnight) or Wednesday morning to find out what I do tomorrow!
I have something very special to make for Willow's birthday and I'm going to blog about it!!
Cya tomorrow!!

Monday, 15 July 2013

Holiday day 2!!

Wow what a great day we have had!
I slept for 7 hours straight last night because the driving took its toll on me, kaia slept for 12 hours straight! She never does that at home, so I think we will most likely start taking her out places to wear her out!
When we got up we all got ready and David and my dad took the older three to the beach.
It was overcast for the first hour or so and looked like it would rain but thankfully the sun came out and David took some amazing pictures! 
Koda and Seth building sandcastles :)

Willow making muddy puddles in the sand :)
A shell that willow found to add to her collection :)

My mum, Kaia and I went to Morrisons to get some food shopping and some cleaning things because we needed to clean out the beach hut that we rented. Because it hasn't been used for a year, and the woman that owns the cottages runs a farm shop and craft classes and all sorts, she never has time to clean anything. When we came the cottage was mostly clean but there were cobwebs everywhere like it hasn't been cleaned deeply for a good while. So my mum being a very clean person cleaned it from left to right. (There is no upstairs!) 
I thought she would have been annoyed that the place needed cleaning to say she spent £500+ on the place for 8 of us for a week, but it's actually very very cheap. It would have cost us £1500+ to stay at Butlins for a week and she didn't want to stay in a caravan because she lives in one. I thought that was fair enough. The beach hut though was completely filthy and she was very annoyed about that, but she just kept shtum and cleaned it because again it wasn't expensive to rent. My mum said we have had a complete bargain coming here and a few cobwebs won't kill us! Her maybe not but both me and Seth are allergic to dust!! Crazy eh seen as my nickname is angelfairyDUST LMAO! 

So anyway when we got back from food shopping, David, my dad and the kids were still at the beach and because Kaia had fallen asleep on the way home, and when I tried to rouse her she was like no mummy just five more minutes (lol) I put her into her travel cot and had a lie down myself. My mum said she didn't want any help putting away the food because 'I would just get in the way' lol so I kept away for half an hour until Kaia woke up and David and the kids and my dad came back. When they got back they were being so loud so I woke up anyway but Kaia slept on so I woke her up. She wasnt very happy about that!
My mum started cooking dinner at around 4pm which was homemade chips, salad and these absolutely amazing fresh burgers :) mmmm very very yummy! I think from now on I'm going to take a photo of the food she makes because she used to be a cook and she's amazing.

After our dinner had settled we went back to the beach so that my mum could clean the beach hut. By this point my legs and back were in a hell of a lot of pain so David suggested getting out what he calls my 'batmobile' which is of wheelchair! It's the first time I have used it in over a year because I refuse to, but whilst we are on holiday I refuse to miss out on anything!!!
David and Kaia playing on the beach. This is Kaia's first time seeing the sea and touching sand!
She loves the beach!!

It started getting really cold, it had been 24•c but being next to the sea it was quite windy and Kaia started to get cold because she didn't have a thick coat with her. I left it at home and just brought her lots of cardigans, and because I need to buy her a summer jacket anyway (I just haven't managed to get to an open shop to buy one and Morrisons didn't have any.) So because of that we decided after half an hour to bring Kaia back to the cottage and bathe her. She refused to go to sleep after her bath though so she stayed up and had a snack and played for a bit. It took her a while to get sleepy but she's finally just fallen asleep at 11.30pm.
The rest of my family are fast asleep and I'm here sewing and blogging!
Willow has a play suit that is strapless but because she's only 9 (she will be 10 on Friday) she doesn't have any boobs to hold it up! So I am making her some straps for it :)

Tomorrow we are going to get up early, I'm dying my roots on my hair and then we are going to the beach to sunbathe (weather permitting!!) if not then we will be doing something else, I'm not sure what though yet!!
So far, it's been totally amazing!!!
I will post pictures again tomorrow and maybe a refashion!! 
Mwah xx